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E-COS High Performance Oil Skimmers
At E-COS, we design and manufacture quality high performance industrial oil skimmers. Our skimmers are belt skimmers to separate tramp oil from industrial fluid. The tramp oil removal is essential for the performance and life time of any industrial fluids. E-COS belt skimmers are available from our exclusive oil skimmer distributors, oil skimmer suppliers and directly from the factory.
  • Fine adjustment valve for accurate dosing
  • Return hose with stainless steel out let pipe
  • Stainless steel cover
  • Standard barrel fitting
    Technical Data:
  • Flow Rate: 1000 L/Hour
  • Min. Water Pressure : 2 bar
  • Length: 160 mm.
  • Width: 190 mm.
  • Height: 100 mm.
  • Water Hose Inlet: ½"
  • Water Hose Outlet: ¾"
  • Water Hose Outlet Max: 3 m.

Accurate and proper mixing of emulsion is critical for the performance of all water based fluids.